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Friends of the Library
The Friends of the Smiths Falls Public Library was started in 1994. We are a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to promoting the cause of the Library, particularly literacy and to assist the Library in maintaining its high profile as a provider of educational, research, enjoyment and recreational experiences and services through fundraising efforts and advocacy.

Since its inception the Friends of the Library have held a number of successful fund-raising events; such as the curling bonspiel, Annual Trivia Challenge and book sales. Through our fundraising efforts we have supported the children’s summer programs and purchased needed equipment for the library. We assisted the Library Board's Heritage Challenge Restoration Project by raising in excess of $15,000! We were even able to commission an area artist to come and do the magnificent mural leading up to the Children's Library.

Our Programs & Events
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  Annual Book Sale
The Friends of the Library Annual Book Sale takes place in the month of June. You will find a great selection of fiction, non-fiction and children’s books. Volunteers are always needed to help sort, price and sell the books.

  Adopt-A-Book Annual Event
Each year the Friends organize this event. Library staff select new titles that the library desires to purchase. Individuals or businesses are offered books at the library's cost which are discount from 25%-40%. A book plate is placed inside the book indicating the donor or in honor of someone. A charitable tax receipt is issued. Friend/volunteers sit at the book table to collect money and give receipts.

  Ongoing Book Sale
Currently there is an ongoing book sale in the basement of the library. Books are weeded from the library's collection and donations come in on a regular basis. These books need to be priced and sorted on shelves. This requires a regular commitment and some knowledge of used book prices. Special sales are held in the spring and occasionally fall. Friends/volunteers are welcome.

  Tutoring Programs
Our tutoring programs "Fun with ABC's" and "Reading Rocks" will also be held again this year. Parents can contact the library to find out more information about these reading programs. As always, these activities would not happen if we didn't receive financial support. Through various fundraising events, the Friends of the Library are committed to providing a significant portion of the funds required to purchase supplies and hire extra staff.

  Adult Literacy Program
To be literate means that you have the skills to understand what you read, communicate with others and engage fully and confidently in life’s activities and opportunities– at work, at home and in the community. Many people in our community do not have these skills for one reason or another.

The Friends of the Smiths Falls Library would like to change that.

We are calling on all retired teachers or other people whose skills are not being used at the moment to come forward and join the team to help make a difference in our town. The need is here. We have a waiting list of folks who are in need of our help, but not enough volunteers to do the teaching. Sessions are held one-on-one in a private room at the library.

Literacy is a tool that opens up a world of opportunities to an individual. It is also something that many of us take for granted. This would mean that all adults have access to opportunities that increase their literacy skills and prepare them to realize their full potential at work, at home and in the community. Individuals, regardless of their circumstances, would be provided with the opportunities to increase their literacy levels.

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Smiths Falls who answered our call for funds to purchase the equipment necessary to make this happen.

  Reading/Literacy Program
The "Friends" are doing what we love to do best. We are reading with students at CHIMO and Duncan J Schoular Elementary Schoos. Every week, those of us who are free to do so, go to the school and work with students in kindergarten, grade one and grade two. We help individuals or small groups to learn their letter sounds and to read books at their level. The teachers love to see us come, the students love the special attention they are receiving and we get to read some very neat books! A win win situation all around. It doesn't seem like work but we hope that, with our efforts, our little students will improve their reading comprehension skills. It's our latest project and is just another of our many efforts to improve literacy in our community.

  Author Readings
We acknowledge the support of the Canadian Council for the Arts for putting on these readings. They funded 63% of the amount required. Donations are always gratefully accepted.

  Trivia Challenge
Enter your team in the Trivia Challenge and help to raise money for programs, books and equipment for the Smiths Falls Public Library.The 2010 edition of the Trivia Challenge is scheduled for Feb. 10. The usual categories are:
  • Canadian Politics
  • Shape of the World
  • Sports
  • Potpourri
  • The Written Word
Contact the library for more information on how to get a team going. Have fun and support your library at the same time. Call 613-283-2911 or email us at »

  Film Night International
Film Night International series passes are now available at the library. Tickets for 9 films are $75. For more information:

Film Night International takes place at 7:00 pm, approximately every other Thursday of the month, from January to the end of May, at the Station Theatre. These films, shown in cooperation with the Film Circuit branch of the Toronto International Film Festival Group, are shown Falls as a fund-raiser for the Smiths Falls Public Library.

A pass to all nine films is $75.00. Individual tickets at the door are $10.00. You can find more detailed information about dates and the complete line-up on their blog.

View the PDF >

  Newsletter: "Between Friends"
Two newspapers are published, one in the spring and one in the fall.

Current Edition: September 2010

Become a Friend of the Library
Working as a friend of the library or as a library volunteer, is an extremely rewarding avocation, with a variety of service options and learning experiences. Volunteers are individuals or groups who give their time, talent and. abilities to a cause they believe in, without pay, to work for and inspire change in the community. Our commitment to the communities in which we live and work is motivated by our responsibility to be a good citizen and our desire to be a good neighbour.

Please pick up and complete a form from the library. Mail it with your cheque (payable to the Friends of the Library) or drop it off at the Library. Copies of our registration form are available at the Library. You will be notified by mail or telephone of our next regularly scheduled meeting. You can email your interest as well. Include your name, address, telephone number and fax number, the membership level and type of help you can provide and email to: »

How can you help?
  • Books Sales
  • Fundraising & Marketing
  • Literacy Readings
  • Adopt-A-Book
  • Newsletter
  • Crafts
  • Special Events
  • Speaker
  • Other
Annual Membership Levels
  • Individual - $ 5.00
  • Senior $ 5.00
  • Family $ 10.00
  • Patron $ 50.00
  • Corporations $ 100.00
  • Clubs $ 100.00

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